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19-6#,ShuangXing Street, DaLian, China
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Fengshun provides comprehensive ship supplies service, credibility oriented, pragmatic and effective, Dalian city was awarded the "Shou contract re credit enterprises" title many times.

Fengshun will continue to ensure the quality of products, the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction, wholeheartedly for Chinese and foreign ships and the social from all walks of life to provide fast, convenient and accurate, the full range of services.

Our scope of products and services covers the following:

  • Marine Supplies
  • Marine Logistics & Agency Services
  • Offshore Support Services
  • Offshore Vessels for Chartering
  • Specialised Equipment: The valve cable fire rescue cleaning, thickness, life raft inspection, fire extinguisher inspection

Over its’ many years in business, Fengshun Group has earned a solid reputation for reliability among some of the world’s largest ship owners and ship management companies, many of whom we have serviced for more than 15 years – demonstrated by the fact that 90% of our revenue is repeat business.